Rent My Wardrobe has been a brand we have been in love with since the very beginning. We have been able to cover launch parties, events, and other major milestones in the brand's journey.


Rent My Wardrobe restarted with a clean slate when we came on board in terms of their brand. They improved logos, color schemes, and so much more. Therefore, we were able to take advantage of that new branding, and emphasize it on all social platforms.

We spent time developing a brand aesthetic online, as well as coming up with systems and guidelines for the content being posted. 

Paid advertising was used to reach audiences they had never reached, as well as create brand awareness in the market of fashion technology.


A brand can have great content, a clean appearance, and everything look the best it can, but without a strategy, it cannot be effective. 

We would meet with Rent My Wardrobe once a month to go over what went well and what didn't in the past month, as well as discussing events coming up that we can prepare to push online. 

Within each meeting, we developed a strategy, stretched across a white board, to execute for the following weeks. We never want to leave our clients without a plan, so this is a top priority to us!


“Kat & Katelyn are nothing short of experts in their field. Not only are they brilliant creatives when is comes to designing, curating and creating digital content, they also are highly strategic in consulting and planning social media and brand identity. I identify them as true game changers for us and it is such a joy to work with them.”

- Abby Wright, Rent My Wardrobe

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